A Tribute To The Life of Prof. Burton Fletcher, Part Two

During an educational career spanning 27 years, Burton was a servant leader, activist, and advocate, who gave voice to issues, and served in various roles, including: Author; Adjunct Instructor; Instructor; Senior Instructor; Adjunct Professor of Management; Adjunct Professor of Marketing; Adjunct Professor of Law; Assistant Professor of Business Administration; Associate Professor of Business Administration; Full Professor of Business Administration; College and University leader; Chairman; Director; and Administrator; serving more than 10,000 students and professionals. He was recruited by several colleges, and universities, before retiring from his academic profession in 2004.

Burton has an outstanding record of leadership and service, highlighted by inclusion in Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in California. His activities have included membership on the Boards of Directors for Pop Warner Football of Torrance (founding member); Center for Prevention of Child Abuse; South Bay Children’s Health Center; and West Los Angeles College Paralegal Advisory Board; Los Angeles Southwest College Paralegal Advisory Board; and other nonprofit organizations.

From 2004 to 2006, Burton owned and managed ValdostaMemorials.com, LLC. He is a well-known memorialist, with numerous publications to his credit. During this time, he founded the Georgia Monument Builders Association.

In 2006, Burton established Georgia Signing Agents.com, LLC, later named Loan Closing Attorneys.com, LLC, providing real estate and loan closing services throughout Georgia and South Carolina. The law firm employed more than one hundred attorneys. Burton retired from the State Bar of Georgia as an emeritus attorney.

Burton enjoys writing, photography, community service, and politics. He also enjoyed traveling in his younger years.  He is a proud advocate for the Democratic Party, yet a withering critic of the current Republican Party, conservative media, and Fox News, the latter to which he refers to as “the propaganda network.” He jokes that he considers Rachel Maddow to be a saint. He describes himself as a Yellow Dog Democrat, who can be counted on to vote reliably for Democrats.

Throughout his career, Burton has been recognized on various occasions for his service to others, receiving distinguished recognition ranging from Outstanding Young Men of America; Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (1974-75; 1980); and the Corpus Juris Secundum award, “for Significant Legal Scholarship.” He has been recognized for his service and lifetime achievements by his Division; College Campus; City; County Government; State Assembly; State Senate; State Governor; and United States senators, for his conspicuous and distinguished service, and his countless acts of beneficence.

During his long and illustrious, award-winning academic career, Burton taught a wide variety of courses including: Legal Environment of Business; Legal Aspects of Business Transactions; Introduction to Paralegal Studies; Small Business Management; Business Law; Civil and Criminal Evidence; Legal Writing; General California Law; Negotiations; Personnel Law; Human Resources Management; Advanced Entrepreneurship; Applied Management; Professional Development of Managers; Principles of Marketing; Contemporary World Issues (7 Habits of Highly Effective People); Introduction to International Business; Introduction to Business; Cooperative Career Education; Personal Selling; Business Management; and Oral Business Communications.

Burton was an accomplished educator with demonstrated ability to instruct and motivate his students. He was enthusiastic about his work and committed to student success. He had the ability to recruit business owners to address his students, and he loved giving his students projects to interview entrepreneurs. Burton cherished the classroom and found it immensely gratifying. He was dynamic and overflowing with suggestions and reassurance. Burton had experience in creating lesson plans and curriculum targeted at a wide range of students. He collaborated well with colleagues while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Burton has a special place in his heart for all creatures, but none more so than rescue animals. He always encourages others to adopt, rather than buy their pets. He is a patron to animal welfare organizations which engage in the rescuing, rehabilitation, and re-homing of mistreated and neglected animals, and supports, spay, neuter, and microchipping programs to help reduce animal overpopulation.

He supports fostering and adoption of shelter animals and is a so-called “foster failure” who fell in love with his fosters and adopted. He derives boundless joy from his canine friends and has adopted numerous special companions. His pets have benefited him through the phases of his life, serving as substitutes for children. He enjoys animal-centered discussions, and his support of animal welfare, in both his personal and work life, has increased his capacity for compassion.

Burton established and is serving as president of the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc; a non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting organizations that rescue injured, abused, abandoned, and feral animals in South Georgia. Burton’s foundation partners with animal welfare organizations, and individuals in need whose support of animal welfare requests improve the plight of animals. Upon passing, Burton’s estate will further fund the Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc. and it is dedicated to working with charitable organizations which benefit animal welfare. The foundation website is www.BurtonFletcherFoundation.org. Please feel free to visit and donate for the benefit of animal welfare organizations.

Those who know Burton appreciate his delightful smile, charitable heart, and constructive strength. His life of service to his community and love of family are appreciated by those who know him. Burton’s life can be summarized by the phrase, “A life that touches others goes on forever.” Truly, Burton’s life has touched countless people, and it will live on!

Burton’s late relatives include his paternal grandparents, Burton Eugene Fletcher (April 2, 1897 to March 29, 1968) and Ethel Mobley Fletcher (April 14, 1897 to July 15, 1983); and his maternal grandparents, Gus Esco Hunter, Sr. (December 12, 1882 to February 17, 1971); Emma Lillian Geiger Hunter (September 1, 1889 to January 12, 1973) (all buried in the McAlpin Advent Christian Church Cemetery); and parents Rufus Burton Fletcher, Sr. (Sept. 4, 1923 to October 10, 1998) and Emma Callie Hunter Fletcher Dowdy (March 5, 1930 to Sept. 6, 2019) (buried in the Live Oak Cemetery) who last resided in Lake City, Florida. Burton also cherished his late, and best friend, Emiko Takeuchi. (Please read Emiko’s obituary by searching “Emiko Takeuchi, obituary.”)

Burton has two younger sisters Emma Jean Fletcher Jordan, (previous brother-in-law James Larry Jordan) (Wellborn, FL); Lena Fletcher (Jerome “Jerry” Patrick) Heeney (Lake City, FL); and four nieces and one nephew; Emy Lenal Jordan (David) Delgado; Lillian Jinnette Jordan (Carlos) Class; Jordan Fletcher Jordan; Sean Patrick Heeney; Colleen Caitlin Heeney; and four great grandnieces and one great grandnephew, Shelby Brooke Delgado; Emily Grace Delgado; Haley Jordan Delgado; Larry Drake Kinter; Jinnette Nereida Class; and countless friends and professional associates.

Burton’s cherished pet pals included Sheba, Sam, Wimpy, Tiger, and Coco (family dogs); Tom the Steer; Dynamite, Prince, and Mammy (horses); Princess, and Charlie (cats); Melvin, the Scarlet McCaw; Muffin, Dusty, Bobby, Lucky/Boris, Precious, Jack, Walker, and Dolly (dogs); and others, were characters in the chapters of his life!

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